A day in the life: Jake Brownley

A day in the life: Jake Brownley

There’s the age-old joke that apprenticeships are all tea-making and filing...

This couldn’t be further from the case for Jake Brownley, a Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice at Horizon Specialist Contracting. He has a very busy day, working across various departments and then carrying out some of his learning tasks.

We asked Jake to keep a log of everything he got up to last Monday – take a look!

Hi, my name is Jake Brownley. I have been in my Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship at Horizon Specialist Contracting for over a year now. This is a day in the life of my apprenticeship:

9:00 – I arrive at work and load up my computer. I check my emails to see if any clients are needing me to support them with any reports I have issued them the week before. If there are emails, I’ll respond to each one and complete this as my main priority - I ensure that all clients are happy with the reports I send.

Then I’ll chase any remedial works that I’ve issued and had no response from weekly/monthly depending on the client and the priority of work.

9:30 – I start to complete my vehicle monitoring tasks. These include looking on the tracking software to track each company van over the weekend to monitor any private mileage covered. If there was, I’ll collate that data and input it into my spreadsheet that I update weekly.

I will then request the engineers' timesheets from Elizabeth so that I can confirm that the engineers were not working and the miles over the weekend are for private use.

10:00 – I’m currently being trained to properly write reports, so I’ll then start any Fall Arrest reports that are in my tray. I start with the earliest report as these will need issuing sooner than the rest as we aim to issue each report within two weeks of the works being completed.

When I have written the report it then gets checked and approved by Adam (my Line Manager). After this process is complete, I will then compile the reports and send them individually to each client.

1-1:30 – Lunchtime!

1:30 – Once all Fall Arrest reports are completed, Megan (my colleague) will give me any straight pass lightning protection reports. I input all the engineer’s data onto the report and the dates of completion - this allows Megan to check and complete the reports much quicker allowing Horizon to maintain the timescale objectives of to weeks.

3:00 – After all chasing reports are completed, I log onto One File where I complete any outstanding tasks that I have been set, by my tutor. I use google or any provided documents to help me complete each task, plus support from colleagues and my assessor.

I use this time to type up my journal and any of the job training I’ve been involved with during the day, I also upload any evidence of my work to my Portfolio. If I have any spare time after this I then work on my EPA (End-Point-Assessment) Presentation and practice it to ensure that the timing and information is correct and ready to present.

4:00 –I leave the sales office and make my way downstairs to contracts and accounts for the remaining hour of the day. In contracts, I print off any paperwork that the engineers need for the following week and assign each job pack to specific engineers.

When this is done I go into accounts where Elizabeth (our Accounts Supervisor) will review the week's vehicle monitoring to ensure everything is correct prior to contacting engineers.

5:00 – That’s it – home time!

Well – we’d say that’s quite a busy day! Thanks for sharing Jake.

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