Construction Projects that could have been...

Construction Projects that could have been...

With our range of construction training such as CITB courses in Sheffield, we love all things Construction here at Portland. Over the years there have been some extraordinary construction projects being completed including the Aizhai Suspension Bridge in China and the World’s Tallest Tower, Skytree in Tokyo which is 2080ft tall! With all these amazing triumphs, there was some projects proposed that didn’t quite make the cut. Here are some construction projects that are so out of this world they were never even started...

The Paris Road Tower

In 1937, Paris almost became the home of another tall landmark – the Paris Road Tower. This was a 700 meter tower with a hotel and restaurant at the top, which you could actually drive up to! There was a bizarre road spiralling up its entire height, on the cars descent a monorail would be in place to careful control the cars, however on the way up the cars would operate on their own. This is one construction project we’re glad didn’t get built.

Vertical farming

It’s estimated that by 2050, 80% of people will live in urban areas, therefore when the vertical farming concept was designed it seemed like an effective solution. Vertical farming is about growing crops on small areas of land, which means you will have stacks of crops going upwards for effective urban farming. However, not all hope is lost for vertical farming yet, as technology develops, there might be a possibility that this will become a genuine construction project.

The Manhattan Dome

In the 1960’s the Manhattan Dome was genuinely proposed as an idea to solve cities ever day issues. The dome was to cover most of Manhattan and filter pollution out the air, control the temperature so it was the same all year round and save living costs. Buckminister Fuller, the creator of this idea wasn’t entirely sure how the dome would work and due to the huge cost involve, the idea was swiftly scrapped.

The Freedom Ship

Back in the 90’s an enormous, self-sufficient floating city called the ‘Freedom Ship’ was proposed to be built. With its own economy, the ship would host its own shops, schools, jobs and any other necessities needed whilst at sea.

A measly $9-10 billion is all that it would cost to get the project off the ground, however it was difficult to convince 50,000 people to move on to a ship that circles the world once every 2 years. Due to this and the fact that the ship was so gigantic that it wouldn’t be able to fit in ports, the Freedom Ship construction project never got started.

Plan Voisin

Another plan proposed for Paris was Plan Voisin. In the 1920’s Architect Le Corbusier wanted to demolish certain areas and rebuild it in an entirely different fashion. He wanted to build 18 enormous glass towers, connect them to subway stations and surround them with gardens. The project was meant to house Paris’s entire business district. Luckily, the plan was never carried out and still to this day, Paris remains one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.

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