Construction Training - what's the big deal?

Construction Training - what's the big deal?

As a high hazardous industry, there are various health and safety regulations you need to follow when it comes to construction. Due to the amount of people that could be on a site and heavy duty machinery being operated, there’s always a chance that someone could get seriously injured. Therefore, following health and safety regulations in this environment is of vital importance.

One thing that can help everybody avoid injuries and disruption on the work site is training. Most accidents are likely due to a lack of workers knowledge of health and safety regulations, therefore this problem can be easily addressed through Portland’s training courses which aim to tackle the lack of understanding and knowledge of procedure in some areas.

Those on the work site should have a solid overall understanding of the site they are working on and their surroundings. In addition, those who visit the site such as project managers, designers or engineers may not have a huge understanding of the site and the dangers that they may encounter, therefore with the adequate training, the workers already on the site must be their eyes and ears and aware of visitors’ potential dangers.

Those in a management position should always keep their workers updated on any issues that might arise or any changes on the site, such as new developments, visitors looking around or any heavy machinery or vehicles coming on to the site. Being unware of your surroundings and not acknowledging changes on the site can result in someone being seriously injured.

If there is an emergency situation, not only could a person become seriously injured, but the injury caused by an unsafe work procedures can result in costing the construction company valuable time and money, as it will disrupt carefully strategised schedules and budgets. Having essential and effective training courses can result in a higher efficiency of working on site, as workers feel more confident due to the training that they have received.

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Proactively managing employees health and safety training can reduce staff turnover, reduce those absent from work due to illness of injury, increase productivity and increase profitability. Portland Training can help you improve all these aspects with their funded training and CITB Courses in Sheffield. These training courses will suit your learning needs and our trainers and assessors will be with you every step of the way.

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