Will an Apprentice benefit my business?

Will an Apprentice benefit my business?

For a long time apprenticeships have been seen as a way of helping someone get experience, knowledge, and ‘a start’ in a sector.

However, for many businesses, this has not been enough. Particularly in tight times, businesses want to know if it will help them too.

The short answer? It will.

Taking on an apprentice can have a positive effect on its own, but it can also benefit your wider business in unprecedented ways.

But how?


Keeping it Fresh

In business, keeping things fresh is crucial to maintain growth. New skills, new perspectives, and different approaches to work.

Hiring an apprentice will help to diversify your workforce, and freshen it up. This will make your work more productive, healthy, whilst also futureproofing your business.



Getting an apprentice is a fantastic way of developing a new talent, in a bespoke way for your business. However, it can also develop your business overall.

By doing so, your service will improve, and over time so too will the performance of the business. In fact, 86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation.



Hiring an apprentice is proven to increase motivation throughout your business. The apprentice will learn skills and develop throughout their time with you, and so will be dedicated to the message and longevity of your business.

Not only that, but other staff members will gain motivation from your dedication to diversifying talent. Investing in your business is amazing for staff mentality!



78% of employers surveyed reported improved productivity in their business, after hiring an apprentice. This is because you can provide bespoke training to them, and the injection of new talent helps to increase productivity elsewhere in the company as well.


Recruitment Costs

Recruiting new staff is very costly, and so often upskilling existing staff is a much better approach. So why not put one of your team on an apprenticeship?

Equally, taking on an apprentice is more cost-effective than a new hire, and 90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing the programme.


So as you can see, the benefits are countless. Not only that, but you will also do an enormous amount for someone’s career and personal development.

It’s a win win situation.


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