NVQs & CSCS Cards

Construction Skills Certificate Scheme

NVQs and CSCS Cards

In order to get a relevant CSCS card, you must have achieved a relevant NVQ or show you are working towards one. The level of NVQ required depends on what card you are applying for. 

At Portland Training, we offer a full range of construction NVQs which enable our learners to progress and get their CSCS card. Click on the below CSCS cards to find out more about each one and the requirements to achieve them. Alternatively, to view our full lists of courses, click the button below.

What is a CSCS Card?

The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme is an initiative to recognise and certify construction skills, which have a daily impact on our lives. The scheme offers a total of 17 different certificates, spanning all areas of construction, from labourers to senior management.


What is the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme?

The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) is a skills certification scheme for the construction industry. The scheme exists to improve standards and safety in construction, and to help employers identify workers who have the necessary skills and training to do their job safely and effectively.

CSCS cards are issued to workers who have completed accredited health and safety training, and who can prove that they have the necessary skills and experience to do their job. There are different types of CSCS card, each of which allows the holder to access different types of construction site. For example, a ‘skilled worker’ card allows access to sites where the work is skilled manual labour, such as bricklaying or carpentry.

The CSCS scheme is run by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited, a not-for-profit organisation.


What Level of Qualification Can I Get?

The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) offers a wide range of qualifications, from entry-level certificates to more advanced NVQs and SVQs. The level of qualification you can achieve will depend on your prior experience and qualifications, as well as the specific requirements of your chosen construction trade.


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