Embracing Dyslexia Training For Tailored Education

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Last week, our team took part in dyslexia training to ensure that we provide the BEST support for our learners who face challenges with their reading, writing, and spelling.

Dyslexia, while presenting obstacles to traditional learning, should not be labelled as a barrier to learning, Instead, it should be made necessary for alternative teaching methods to be in place which accommodates diverse learning styles. It is imperative for us to customise our approach to learning and customer service to meet the unique strengths and requirements of each learner. We’d like to say a massive thanks to Becky for putting the brilliant presentation  together and delivering it to our team as she created a comprehensive presentation outlining strategies to adapt our services for individuals with dyslexia. This session was really helpful for us all as we now feel more confident tailoring our services to people who may need a more alternate learning style.