NVQ Level 7

Level 7 NVQ Construction Senior Site Management

What is a Level 7 NVQ?


A Level 7 NVQ in Construction Senior Management is a highly regarded competence-based qualification that can open doors to career advancement and offer numerous benefits. In the construction industry, professional growth and recognition are essential for individuals aiming to reach senior management positions. At Portland Training, we are committed to providing accessible and flexible training solutions that allow construction professionals to enhance their skills without compromising their work commitments. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of pursuing a Level 7 NVQ and how Portland Training offers a seamless and affordable path to achieving this qualification.


Who is this Qualification For?


This qualification is ideal for experienced professionals working in the construction industry, such as senior site managers, project managers, construction directors, and contract managers. It is suitable for individuals who are already in managerial roles and have substantial experience in managing construction projects. If you are working in construction, but not quite at this level, don’t worry! We offer plenty more NVQs which might suit you better. You can find these by clicking here


Key Benefits 

Achieving the Senior Site Management Level 7 NVQ offers numerous benefits for construction professionals:


Career Advancement: This qualification is highly regarded within the construction industry and can open doors to senior management positions. It demonstrates your competence and capability to lead and manage complex construction projects.


Enhanced Knowledge and Skills: The NVQ focuses on developing advanced skills and knowledge related to site management, including project planning, resource management, health and safety, stakeholder communication, and contract management.


Industry Recognition: The Level 7 NVQ is nationally recognised and endorsed by professional bodies in the construction sector, giving you credibility and recognition for your skills and expertise.


Networking Opportunities: Through your NVQ studies, you will have the opportunity to connect with other construction professionals, share experiences, and expand your professional network, which can lead to new career opportunities and collaborations.

Get your Black CSCS Card With Your NVQ Level 7


Upon completion of an NVQ level 7 in construction, you will be able to apply for a black CSCS card through the CSCS website. Obtaining your new card is subject to you passing the CSCS touch screen test.


 Learn more about applying for your Black CSCS card

Flexible Assessment Process


One of the standout features of our Level 7 NVQ program is our competency-based assessment approach. Rather than relying solely on traditional classroom learning, our experienced assessors observe candidates in their day-to-day roles, gathering evidence of their skills and capabilities. This method ensures that the qualification is tailored to real-world scenarios and reflects the practical expertise required in senior management positions. Our assessors can conveniently visit candidates on-site or conduct assessments remotely through online platforms, providing maximum flexibility and minimising disruption to their work schedules.

What is a Black CSCS Card?

A Black CSCS card is the highest attainable CSCS card available. Experienced professionals will only be able to obtain this card through completion of a level 6 or 7 NVQ in construction. Whilst it is still a valuable qualification, holding an SMSTS ( Site Management Safety Training Scheme) qualification, is not enough to apply for your Black CSCS managers card.


If you currently hold an Industry Accredited (IA)  black CSCS card and have not completed an NVQ level 6 or 7, then you will need to complete one as soon as possible to keep your card. All Industry Accredited CSCS cards will expire on 31 December 2024.


If this sounds like you, this article may be helpful in replacing your Industry Accredited CSCS card.

CITB Training Grant


Companies that are CITB registered can benefit from claiming back £1500 through the CITB training grant when their employees undertake a Level 7 NVQ. This financial support from CITB helps alleviate the training costs associated with the qualification. At Portland Training, we assist companies in navigating the grant application process, making it easier for them to access this valuable funding opportunity and invest in their employees’ professional development.


You can learn more here about CITB grants on the CITB website

Affordable Financing Options with Knoma


Understanding the financial considerations that come with pursuing professional qualifications, Portland Training has partnered with Knoma to provide accessible and flexible payment options. Through Knoma’s ethical financing solutions, candidates can choose to “pay with Knoma” and spread the costs of their Level 7 NVQ over a 10-month period, interest-free. This approach enables individuals to manage their finances effectively while investing in their long-term career growth. 


You can find out more about this by clicking here


The Benefits of 0% Interest


One of the most significant advantages of the collaboration between Portland Training and Knoma is the 0% interest offered on the payment plans. This means that candidates can pursue their Level 7 NVQ without incurring any additional financial burden. By spreading the costs evenly over ten months, individuals can focus on their professional development and achieve their goals without worrying about interest charges.

Get Your Level 7 NVQ with Portland Training


A Level 7 NVQ in Construction Senior Management is a valuable qualification for construction professionals aiming to reach senior management positions. At Portland Training, we are dedicated to providing flexible and accessible training solutions that fit around busy work schedules. With our competency-based assessment approach and the convenience of on-site or online assessments, candidates can pursue their Level 7 NVQ without disrupting their daily responsibilities. Furthermore, our partnership with Knoma allows individuals to benefit from interest-free financing options, making the investment in their career growth more manageable. Choose Portland Training and take the next step towards construction excellence with a Level 7 NVQ today!


Ready to get Started?


If you’re interested in completing an NVQ level 6 and getting your black card, contact Portland Training today to get started! If you’ve got any questions at all regarding the qualification, feel free to leave them in the form or send us an email info@portlandtraining.co.uk and we’ll get back to you within the same day.

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NVQ Level 7 Construction Senior Site Management
Level 7 NVQ Construction Senior Site Management

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