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NVQ Level 3

Level 3 Construction NVQs are nationally recognised qualifications that focus on developing the competencies required for various roles within the construction industry. These qualifications offer a practical approach to learning, allowing individuals to showcase their skills through on-site assessments and portfolio submissions. Level 3 NVQs are an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance their career prospects or progress to higher-level qualifications. 

Get Your Gold CSCS Card with a Level 3 NVQ

Obtaining a level 3 NVQ will allow you to apply for your Gold CSCS card. There are currently two different Gold CSCS cards available; advanced craft and supervisor.

Completing one of our supervision NVQs, such as a Level 3 NVQ in Occupational Work Supervision or a Level 3 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations will allow you to apply for your Gold Supervisor CSCS card.

Completing something more trade specific like a level 3 NVQ in Trowel Occupations or a Level 3 NVQ in Plastering  will allow you to apply for your Gold Advanced Craft CSCS card.

Course Structure

The structure of Level 3 Construction NVQs may vary depending on the specific trade or discipline chosen. However, all NVQs at this level follow a competency-based approach, assessing practical skills and knowledge in real construction site scenarios. The emphasis is on demonstrating competence rather than traditional classroom-based learning.

Key Topics Covered

Level 3 Construction NVQs cover a range of topics relevant to specific trades or disciplines within the construction industry. Some examples of Level 3 NVQs include:

  1. Level 3 NVQ in Occupational Work Supervision
  2. Level 3 NVQ in Trowel Occupations
  3. Level 3 NVQ in Plastering
  4. Level 3 NVQ in Cladding Occupations
  5. Level 3 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations

These are just a few examples, and there are many more Level 3 NVQs available across different construction trades and disciplines.

Benefits of Level 3 Construction NVQs

Level 3 Construction NVQs offer several benefits to individuals seeking to advance their careers in the construction industry, including:

  1. Recognised Qualifications: Level 3 NVQs are widely recognised by employers, industry professionals, and regulatory bodies, enhancing your professional standing and career prospects.
  2. Practical Skills Development: The NVQs focus on developing practical skills, allowing you to gain hands-on experience and apply your knowledge in real construction site situations.
  3. Career Progression: Level 3 NVQs provide a pathway for career progression within specific trades or disciplines. They can open doors to higher-level job opportunities or serve as a stepping stone to further qualifications.
  4. Industry Compliance: Level 3 NVQs ensure that individuals have a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations, health and safety requirements, and best practices within their chosen trade or discipline.
  5. Personal Growth: Successfully completing a Level 3 NVQ provides a sense of personal accomplishment and validates your expertise in your chosen field.

Free Courses for Jobs

We’re able to deliver some of our level 3 NVQs completely free of charge under the Free Courses for Jobs scheme. You may be eligible to get your level 3 for free- learn more here.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for Level 3 Construction NVQs may vary depending on the specific trade or discipline. Generally, the following criteria apply:.

  1. Relevant Experience: You should have practical experience in your chosen trade or discipline, typically gained through employment or apprenticeships.
  2. Current Employment: You need to be currently employed in the construction industry or have access to suitable construction sites for assessment purposes.
  3. Relevant Qualifications: While there are no formal educational requirements for Level 3 NVQs, having prior knowledge or qualifications in your chosen trade or discipline can be advantageous.


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See below for a list of our current Level 3 NVQs, click the link to find out more about each specific course or if you need further help or support, please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help. 

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