Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

More than just a training provider, every aspect of our curriculum is focused on the learner’s onward destination

Portland Training Company offers flexible and bespoke training across a wide range of courses, our distinct brand guarantees quality, passion and integrity.          

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of training to enable learners to progress and achieve their goals which in turn, provides our employers with a higher-skilled workforce. 

We aim to provide both learners and employers with an end-to-end service. If you want a service that you can’t see on our website, please just ask, if we don’t offer what you are looking for, we will know a provider that does. 


Mission – Provide opportunities for individuals to upskill and fulfill their potential by delivering outstanding training and development 


Vision– Our vision is to build and maintain a lasting impression through outstanding training and development, establishing us as the provider of choice 


Values– Believe, Encourage, Support, Together (BEST)


We BELIEVE every individual should have the opportunity to progress


We ENCOURAGE every individual to recognise their full potential


We SUPPORT every individual to reach their goals


We believe that TOGETHER we can!

Portland Training Intent Statement

Every aspect of our curriculum is focused on the learner’s onward destination. Through a safe, inclusive, and positive learning experience, we support our learners to develop their knowledge, skills, and behaviours to best prepare them for their personal goals, chosen job role and/or further learning.

Through our strong community partnerships and effective engagement, we encourage participation from those people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Learners are at the heart of what we do at Portland Training and our intent is that all learners will have a positive onward destination built on the strong foundations of the curriculum.

We continuously evaluate our provision to ensure it is the BEST. We analyse our outcomes and feedback from our learners and key stakeholders to do this. This allows us to shape our curriculum to meet the needs of our localities including priorities and opportunities, so it is always a relevant and gives our learners the best opportunity to progress.

In line with our values (Believe, Encourage, Support, Together), we encourage ambitious outcomes for all learners.