NVQ Level 6

NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management & Construction Contracting Operations

The Level 6 Construction NVQs are a nationally recognised qualification that focuses on developing the competencies required to effectively manage construction sites. It provides individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in various aspects of construction project management, including planning, coordinating, and overseeing site operations.

What is a NVQ Level 6?


The NVQ level 6 is the second highest NVQ available for those employed in the construction industry. An NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is a work based qualification that certifies the skills, experience and knowledge an individual needs to do a job.

Tailored for those in high-level management positions within the construction sector, NVQ Level 6 stands as a symbol of top-tier expertise. Construction NVQs are available at levels 2-7. 

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What are the benefits of Having a Level 6 Construction NVQ?


Achieving this NVQ qualification can offer numerous benefits to your career in construction site management, including:

  1. Professional Recognition: The Level 6 NVQ is widely recognized in the construction industry, enhancing your professional standing and career prospects.
  2. Enhanced Skills: Through the assessment process, you will develop a deeper understanding of construction site management practices, enabling you to excel in your role.
  3. Career Advancement: The NVQ demonstrates your competence as a construction site manager, opening doors to higher-level job opportunities and increased responsibilities.
  4. Compliance with Regulations: The qualification ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of health and safety regulations, contractual obligations, and environmental considerations.
  5. Personal Satisfaction: Successfully completing the NVQ provides a sense of personal achievement and validates your expertise in construction site management.

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There are two NVQ level 6 qualifications in construction; Site Management and Construction Contracting Operations (CCO). Obtaining one of these qualifications will allow you to apply for your black manager’s CSCS card.

Get Your Black CSCS Card with Your NVQ Level 6 


Upon completion of an NVQ level 6 in construction, you will be able to apply for a black CSCS card through the CSCS website. Obtaining your new card is subject to you passing the CSCS touch screen test. However, if you have completed an NVQ level 6, you are more than qualified to easily pass this 50 question test.


Learn more about applying for your Black CSCS card

What is a Black CSCS Card?


A Black CSCS card is the highest attainable CSCS card available. Experienced professionals will only be able to obtain this card through completion of a level 6 or 7 NVQ in construction. Whilst it is still a valuable qualification, holding an SMSTS ( Site Management Safety Training Scheme) qualification, is not enough to apply for your Black CSCS managers card.

If you currently hold an Industry Accredited (IA)  black CSCS card and have not completed an NVQ level 6 or 7, then you will need to complete one as soon as possible to keep your card. All Industry Accredited CSCS cards will expire on 31 December 2024. If this sounds like you, this article may be helpful in replacing your Industry Accredited CSCS card.

To apply for a black CSCS card with an NVQ Level 6, you will need to complete a qualification in either Site Management or Construction Contracting Operations.

Site Management

The NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management is a qualification intended for experienced site managers working at a high level in the construction industry. If you are working in a management position in a construction environment, you are likely qualified to complete an NVQ level 6 in construction site management.

As previously mentioned, obtaining an SMSTS qualification is usually expected by an employer alongside your NVQ level 6 in Site Management. This allows you to prove your competence in Health and Safety legislation and protocol at the highest level.


Construction Contracting Operations (CCO)


The NVQ Level 6 in Construction Contracting Operations (Management) is designed for construction contracts managers employed at a high level in the industry. As a contracts manager, your work may involve preparing and presenting documents for tender, drafting plans and estimates for construction work, budgeting and timekeeping.

This Level 6 qualification is designed for experienced contracts managers. If you are possibly a junior contracts manager or have less experience, you may be interested in completing the NVQ level 3 in Construction Contracting Operations. If you’re currently 19+ and don’t have a previous level 3 qualification, you may be eligible to obtain this level 3 for free under the Free Courses for Jobs scheme.

What is the NVQ Level 6 Equivalent to?


The NVQ level 6 is equivalent to a degree with honours, For example, (BA) hons, Bachelor of Science (BSc) hons. There are 8 levels recognised in the UK, with level 8 being a PhD. Holding an NVQ level 6 is a prestigious and widely renowned qualification to possess, held by only those working at a very high level in the construction industry.


How is the NVQ Level 6 Assessed? 


Your NVQ level 6 will be assessed by an experienced construction assessor, either at your place of work or online. NVQs are work based assessments; our assessors use a competency-based method, where they will gather necessary evidence of you in your role against the specifications of the qualification. Our assessors will always work with you to get your qualification, allowing you to get on with your day to day tasks whilst obtaining your NVQ level 6. As the NVQ level 6 is assessed online (via video call) or at your place of work, there will be no classrooms, no written work and no time away from work.

How much does an NVQ level 6 cost?


An NVQ Level 6 could cost your employer just £150*. The CITB increased the amount that registered construction companies are able to claim back through the CITB training grant from £600 to £1500. If you are self-employed or otherwise, you can still achieve your NVQ level 6 without paying a large upfront fee.



How can I save money on the NVQ Level 6?


Paying upfront for a level 6 NVQ may seem to be a large financial commitment, however the value of this qualification for yourself and your employer can not be understated. Here are some ways you can save on your NVQ Level 6 in construction.


Pay in flexible monthly installments


If you’re looking to get hold of your black card as soon as possible, you may choose to use our flexible financing option, where you can get qualified now and pay later. At Portland Training, we’re able to offer the option to pay through flexible monthly installments. You can even put down a chosen initial amount to mitigate your monthly payments.

Check your finance eligibility in seconds.


Claim back through the CITB Training Grant


You can claim back £1500 on Level 6 NVQs through the CITB training grant (Short Course). Your employer must be CITB registered and pay into the CITB levy. You can learn more here about CITB grants on the CITB website, or speak with your employer.

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