How long does a CSCS Card last?

How long does a CSCS card last

A CSCS Card will generally last for 5 years from the date of issue. However, this can vary based on what card you have with red CSCS cards having a shorter expiry date.

Read our comprehensive guide to find out how long your CSCS card lasts for, and whether you’re able to renew you card.

Important: Industry accredited CSCS cards have now expired (31st December 2023). Jump to Industry accredited CSCS cards.

How Long Does a CSCS Card Last For?

A standard CSCS Card will last for 5 years from the date of issue, this is providing it is a green, blue, gold or black CSCS card. Red CSCS cards are the only exemption to this and can be a little more confusing, generally lasting a shorter period of time due to them being temporary cards.

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How Do I Renew my CSCS Card?

In order to renew a CSCS card you must have completed a relevant CITB health and safety test within the last 2 years. You can learn more about what specific CITB health and safety test you need to do on the CITB website.

Upon completion of your CITB health and safety test, commonly referred to as the touchscreen test, you will be able to apply for your CSCS card.

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Industry Accredited CSCS Cards

How long does a CSCS card last for if I got it on grandfather rights/ Industry Accreditation?

In the past, CSCS cards were able to be industry accredited to those with a wealth of industry experience. However, all Industry accredited CSCS cards issued from 1st of January 2020 expired on the 31st December 2024.

If you hold an industry accredited CSCS card, this has now expired.

What You Need to do Next

You will need to complete a relevant NVQ for the card you used to hold. CSCS cards are supported by NVQs (apart from red CSCS cards) which evidence that you in progress of completing a NVQ qualification.

If you wish to maintain an industry accredited CSCS card, you will need to complete an NVQ to apply. See the list below for what NVQ you’ll need to replace your card.

Blue CSCS Card: NVQ Level 2

Gold CSCS Card: NVQ Level 3/ NVQ Level 4

Black CSCS Card: NVQ Level 6/ NVQ Level 7

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Red CSCS Cards

How long does a CSCS card is a seemingly simple question, however this can get complicated when considering red CSCS cards. These cards are not able to be renewed and are intended to be temporary. Holding a red CSCS card is usually used to indicate that you are working towards a qualification or are in a probationary period.

Red CSCS Card: Apprentice

The red CSCS apprentice card is for those on a recognised apprenticeship scheme. These red CSCS cards are valid for 4 years and 6 months from the date of issue.

Red CSCS Card: Experienced Technical Supervisor or Manager

This Card is for those enrolled in an NVQ level 3. This card is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. This is intended to be a temporary Gold CSCS Card, whilst you complete your NVQ level 3.

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How long does a CSCS card last

Red CSCS Card: Experienced Worker

This is for those enrolled on a NVQ level 2 or NVQ level 3 in a specific trade, but are employed with at least one year “on the job” experience. This red CSCS card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Red CSCS Card: Trainee

This card is for trainees who are registered on a construction related qualification but are working towards this as a trainee. These cards are valid for 5 years.

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