How Much is a CITB Test?


The CITB Health, Safety and Environment test will always cost £22.50, no matter which specific test you do. This test is a requirement for obtaining any type of CSCS card and must be passed before you are able to apply for your CSCS card. The CITB test must be completed in person at a recognised test centre, similarly to the DVLA driving theory test.

What is a CITB Test?

The CITB test is a 50-question examination for construction professionals that tests your knowledge of health, safety and environmental factors relevant to your role in the construction industry. All CITB tests are 45 minutes long and have a pass rate of 90%, but the content and difficulty will vary depending on which test you complete.

 There are 3 types of CITB tests, these are:

  • Operatives
  • Specialists
  • Managers and Professionals

If you are looking to complete a CITB test to obtain your CSCS card, you can use the CSCS card finder to see what CITB test you need to complete.

Book your CITB test on the CITB website.


Do I Need to do the CITB Test?

If you want to obtain a CSCS card, you’ll need to complete a CITB test. These tests are mandatory for the CSCS card application process. By completing a CITB test, you create an assurance that you are qualified in terms of health and safety legislation and are able to hold a CSCS card.

Through being correctly qualified and completing a CITB test, you can protect yourself legally should any issues arise on site. In this regard, completing a relevant CITB test is beneficial for both employer and employees.

Essentially, completing a CITB test is a crucial requirement in the process of obtaining a CSCS card, which is an essential certification when working in the construction industry in the United Kingdom. You can learn more about CSCS cards in our complete guide.

How Difficult is the CITB Test?

The CITB test is designed to ensure that you are fully knowledgeable about health safety and the environment in regard to your occupation. If you are experienced and work in the construction industry, you should be able to pass the test.

We recommend that before your test, you revise key areas and topics that may arise in your specific test. Completing mock questions and ensuring that you are passing mock exams with at least 90% before attending the test can save you money, as you will need to pay the full fee of £22.50 to resit should you not meet the pass rate.

Typically, due to the nature of supervision roles and management roles being more advanced in terms of breadth and responsibility, these tests are regarded as more difficult. However, all CITB tests are designed to be relevant to the roles they correspond to and should be a suitable level for all workers.

What CITB Test do I Need to Complete?

You should always ensure that you book the correct CITB Health, Safety and Environment test to avoid complication when applying for your CSCS card. The best way to ensure that you are taking the correct test for your CSCS card is to use the CSCS card finder, where you can search by occupation and qualification to see what test you should be doing. When you enter both of these details, you should be able to book your CITB test directly from there. You should already have completed, or be working towards your NVQ in construction.


How to Book a CITB Test

To book your CITB test, you will need to complete two steps:

  1. Find out what test you need to complete.

Generally, you will need to hold or be working towards a NVQ qualification that is relevant to the CSCS card you are looking to obtain. At Portland Training, we are a leading provider of construction NVQs from level 2 to 7. We are able to provide you with the qualification you need to apply for your CSCS card as fast as possible, with no interruptions and no trave on your behalf. Want to learn more? View our NVQs below:

Once you’ve sorted your qualification, you can use the CSCS card finder to see what CITB test you’ll need to do. Simply enter your occupation and your qualification, and the CSCS will tell you what test you need to book.

  1. Book a test on a day that works for you through the CITB website.

You’ll need to book the test you need directly through the CITB, avoid going through any third party as they may include fees that you do not need to pay. This will cost you £22.50.

You can book your test here, choosing from the available dates at your chosen test centre.

Once you’ve confirmed a date, you’ll just need to turn up to the centre you booked and pass your test!

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