What is a CSCS Card?

If you work in construction, or you are planning to, then you might have heard about CSCS cards. But what is a CSCS card exactly? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about CSCS cards, from what they are to who needs one and how you can get one.


What is a CSCS card?

A CSCS card is a Construction Skills Certification Scheme card. It is a UK-wide scheme that was set up to improve safety and standards in the construction industry. The card shows that the holder has the training and qualifications needed to do their job safely. 

There are 13 types of CSCS card, ranging from apprentice to manager. If you are a beginner, you are likely to have a ‘Red Apprentice’ or ‘Green Labourer’ card depending on the route you took to get into the profession.


Why are CSCS cards important?

CSCS cards are important because they provide proof that an individual has the necessary training and qualifications to work on construction sites. They also help to ensure that only those who are qualified and experienced are able to access construction sites, which improves safety standards.


Who needs a CSCS card?

If you’re planning on working in the construction industry in the UK, then you’ll need to get yourself a CSCS card. A CSCS card is not a legal requirement, but many employers will require that you have one before considering you as a candidate. That’s because a CSCS card is evidence that you will not be a liability and put yourself or others in danger while working.

If your job is not construction-related, you don’t need a CSCS card even if you will be working on a construction site. In those cases, it is the responsibility of the site manager to induct you in health and safety basics on-site and escort you where necessary. 




How do I get a CSCS card?

If you are unemployed and on Universal Credit, you should be able to get a CSCS card without paying a penny. Just get in touch with a funded training provider, such as Portland Training, and they will register you for a CSCS course near you. The course usually takes about a week.  After this, you will complete a ‘touch screen test’ at your nearest test centre. The test will be a series of 50 multiple-choice questions. Once you’ve passed the test, you will be eligible for a Green CSCS card. The Green CSCS card or ‘Labourer’ card is intended for entry-level workers, and it is sufficient for working on most construction sites.  You should receive your CSCS card in the post within a few weeks of passing the test. 


If you already have other construction qualifications, you may not need to take a course or test. You may also be eligible for a more advanced CSCS card. Get in touch with us to find out how to we can get you a CSCS card: Contact Us – Portland Training



CSCS cards are very important on the modern building site. They act as evidence that the workers on-site know what they are doing and can adhere to health and safety protocols. It is essential to get a CSCS card if you plan on working in the construction industry, as they are becoming a requirement at more and more construction firms. Thankfully, it is also very simple to get a CSCS card, just get in touch with us at the link above and we will sort everything for you.