Construction Courses for a Promising Future

Construction Courses

We all know how frustrating it can be spending countless hours online trying to find the right course for you that can help direct you into the career that you want. navigating through a plethora of websites that are all offering various courses, but you’re not quite sure which one aligns best with you.

If you’re relating to this right now, I suggest you sit back, relax and take a read through this article as it will provide you with valuable information by diving into some construction courses that might be for you. Because, after all, choosing the right course can drive your career in a tremendous upward trajectory! 

Let’s dive in….

Construction Course

Pathway to Construction Course


If you’re interested in starting an amazing, varied; hands-on career. This construction course would be perfect for you! 

This course provides you with industry specific knowledge, practical skills and nationally recognised qualifications that can help you get into a fulfilling career in the construction industry. This course will provide you with a  Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, enabling you to obtain your CSCS card. 

Where could this course lead me to? you ask. This construction course provides you with essential construction skills that will help you find employment on construction sites. One example career path you could take is a construction site labourer, as well as many other entry level construction jobs!

This comprehensive construction course runs over 5 days (Monday – Friday 9:30 – 15:20), and will pave your pathway to success in the construction industry, allowing you to receive your green CSCS card as soon as you possibly can!

If this sounds like something for you, it can be a great way for you to learn a range of practical and theoretical units, allowing you to gain a diverse understanding of this industry.

What are the entry requirements for this Construction Course?



In order to apply for this course, you will need to be 19+, unemployed and in receipt of government benefits. Furthermore, you must be a full-time resident in the UK and meet other residency criteria. 


You will also be asked to complete Initial assessments in English and Maths,  and other eligibility checks will also be carried out during the enrolment process.

How much does this construction course cost?

If you meet the entry requirements needed to enrol onto the course, it may be free of charge, meaning you may not have to pay anything. To find out more regarding the funding eligibility, you can complete a form here.

If you have any questions relating to this construction course, you can find out more here.

Construction Courses London

Green Construction Course

If you Live in the Greater London area, and are not sure which construction course is for you. Make sure to keep reading as this could be a perfect opportunity for you. 


The Green Construction course supports Londoners who are wanting to work in the construction industry by providing them with the essential skills to proceed in obtaining their Green CSCS card. During this course, you will learn construction health & Safety, greenskills, and will be able to obtain their Level 1 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment award.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

Similar to the Pathway to Construction Course, you will need to be 19+, unemployed and in receipt of government benefits. The only difference with this course is that you must be a full-time resident in the UK and live Within the Greater London Authority (GLA) Area. If you meet these requirements, you may not have to pay anything towards the construction course as it is fully funded.


Furthermore, Initial assessments in English and Maths and other eligibility checks will be carried out during the enrolment process.

Assessments That Take Place in this Course?

During this course, you will be taught in adherence and consideration to green construction and sustainability. You will be expected to complete written assessments and complete a portfolio. If you want to find out more about this course you can click here 

Overall, the Green construction course is an amazing course for anybody who lives in London and wants to get  back into employment as this course can equip you with qualifications, practical and employability skills, whilst also ensuring that you are prepared with green skills to adapt to the new and evolving construction industry! If this seems interesting to you click here.

CSCS Cards

Upon completion of these construction courses, we can apply for the relevant CSCS course on your behalf. If you would like to learn more about the different CSCS cards, feel free to take a look at the link here to get an in-depth overview of every card, and the NVQs linked to it.

Construction Courses

Throughout this article, we’ve highlighted some amazing construction courses that come free of charge, provided that you meet the requirements, and it can be a game changer for your construction career. We genuinely hope that after reading this, you’ve gained a clearer perspective on whether these courses align with your aspirations. If you have any questions, or would like to apply for one of the construction courses, please fill in the form below and a member of staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.